HBCU Night Presents: A DiGiTAL WORLD



The GOALS for A DiGiTAL WORLD's 2021 virtual events (Virtual Admissions Tables, HBCU Fairs, Career Fairs, Panels, Competitions & more) are to contribute to increasing the enrollment rates for all HBCUs by a minimum of 20%, facilitate up to $10 million dollars offered in scholarships, place at least 50% of virtual career fair attendees with jobs, provide HBCU excellence by the HBCU culture for the HBCU culture and the rest of the digital world, safely. THESE EVENTS ARE ALL FREE!


The Introduction, The Process & The Experience 

  • A DiGiTAL WORLD's The Virtual Admissions Table & HBCU Fair is a collective effort with HBCU Night, HBCU Buzz, HBCU PrideNation & HBCU Hub.

  • HBCU Hub is the app used for HBCU Night's HBCU Fairs and HBCU Night's Virtual Admissions Tables. 

  • The HBCU Hub App is designed to connect prospective college students (ages 14+) directly with admissions office recruiters.

  • Students ages 14+ (including college transfers) are prompted to download the HBCU Hub App by clicking on one of the tabs below (IOS or Android).

  • Once the student downloads the app, they will be prompted to create a student profile.

  • Once the student is finished creating a student profile on the app, the registration is completed for all college fairs and individual open house events moving forward.

  • Once the student has completed the registration in the HBCU Hub App, the next step is to attend the virtual college fair nights by visiting all YouTube Live chat links below.

  • The student will be able to jump from chat to chat by visiting the list of schools' YouTube Live chats with the recruiters hyperlinked below.

  • Each admissions recruiter will present their curriculum, student life, activities and institution.

  • Once the recruiters are done presenting they will be looking for questions in chronological order in the YouTube Live comment sections for the remaining time.

  • The students will be able to ask questions with every recruiter chat they enter.

  • Select amount of the links will live for 24 hours after the YouTube Lives are finished so anyone can visit anytime after the lives end at 7PM EST and before the 24 hour time frame expires on each of the following days of each recorded chat.



Can anyone attend the virtual college fair YouTube Live chats? Yes, anyone can watch by clicking on any link below.

Are prospective college students required to register? Yes, prospective college students 14+ (including college transfers).

Do high school counselors/advisors/faculty members need to register? No.

Our solution is Virtual HBCU Fairs/Admissions Tables (click on select schools below to enter the YouTube live). Thinking of digital solutions free of cost during these times is imperative. So, we've transfigured college fair tables to virtual college fair channels. 

Instead of walking from table to table, you're clicking from table to table!







Inaugural Night of A DiGiTAL WORLD (2020) - 9/7 - 5:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST - (1st Night) 

9/8 - 5:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST - (2nd Night) 

9/9 - 5:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST - (3rd Night) 

9/10 - 5:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST - (4th Night)

9/10 - 7:30PM EST - (4th Night)

9/14 - 5:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST - (OPEN-HOUSE)

9/15 - 5:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST - (OPEN-HOUSE)

9/16 - 5:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST - (OPEN-HOUSE)


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